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Gu Yi people

This matter, yesterday I went to Yuemu Jia eat " Qingming rice ," the aunt my sister -in-law , the recent incident in the vicinity of his home , said this to me , I'm a little finishing, is well-founded . Chat now recorded reserved .

Shanghai Pudong outskirts of the village there is a Freeman . Twelve years ago, the only son of the village a couple of Dawei Zhang Fugen , after graduating from college three " quit" looking for work, this mountain that looks high , jumping not have a good job , a monthly salary of only a little more than two thousand dollars . But his energetic , generous money , on account of his wife, Lin Rong 's Chushoubufan hollister outlet uk, willing to spend money on her , and therefore fall in love to marry him. Two five miles apart .

There Lin Rong next brother , parents are farmers, family in general ; she herself is a primary school teacher , married and resident David along with her ​​family . That year, in the upcoming production of her pregnancy in August , Zhang Fugen couple had come to her in-laws who are relatives , sending the bird's nest and other nutritional supplements to daughter tonic , and handed his son ten thousand yuan of money for Lin Rong medical equipment , production hospitalization need . David , Linrong Xin Ran acceptable, but words of thanks , but no . Zhang Fugen on the way home to his wife muttered : two kids do not know any better. David Niangshui : Now the children so that we " do little to good old " it !

Zhang Fugen couple is the owner of Freeman village bazaars vegetable stalls , fifty years old , self-employed nearly twenty years now . He ( she) had less sleep every day , daytime , wind , rain go to hard physical exertion, can have an average of about five million yuan deposit . In recent years , the couple build a new house , children Ban Hunshi to spend about $ 600,000 deposit as hollister outlet uk well as more than forty million. But Zhang Fugen couple outside said there was no extra money to subsidize another son and daughter spend a car or traveling abroad .

Lin Rongsheng raised a fat head down son , we joyfully ; Zhang Fugen couple to Lin Rong mother home from the hospital , and to take the grandchildren name: Zhang . And actively raise the full moon feast . Zhang Fugen of David and Lin Rong said: ! "You married parents it should bear the responsibility as parents of the baby full moon feast , program costs $ 80,000 relatives and friends about Hershey envelopes $ 80,000 . All envelopes received yours but in order to show that it is your responsibility, and banquet costs you half the forty thousand yuan ; we as grandparents also come up with half of the forty thousand yuan , as for your help . "

Unexpectedly , Lin Rong contradict Gongdie said: . " You say so, being laughed at those who are killing my children were little sisters net get a red envelope , all expenses are Gongdie , foolishly pay for " Zhang Fugen said: "They are the people thing, my home is my home ." added Lin Rong change the calendar , said: " hollister outlet uk You can not afford to do their banquet Zhang money , then handed down to my family ; baby 's name is also the surname " Lin "it ! " Lin Rong remarks this straight couple angry Zhang Fugen trembling, almost rolling his eyes .

Zhang Fugen simple man , is an honor for many years as a " civilized ", " advanced" individual industrial and commercial households, he can not afford to lose this face , swallow ah ! He wanted to curse Lin Rong is " evil ungrateful daughter ", " ungrateful black-hearted woman" ! In particular, he grew up the son of David was raised , even everywhere Justifying Lin Rong, and his wife singing the same tune , the chatter of parents this is not good, so right. Zhang Fugen was about to attack, his wife - David 's Mother dragged him to his room to go, said: "Children young and naive , we do accommodate adults forget your one point of ignition , a downtown market , would not home. anti- house mess, be ridiculed , "Zhang Fugen reasonable to think my wife put it : " ! ! ! when Grandpa , should be the primary responsibility of safeguarding peace and happiness of the entire family must endure this feeling ah . "

Zhang baby full moon wine dinner at hollister outlet uk Grand Hotel as scheduled , decent scenery . Of course , all expenses paid for by Zhang Fugen whole . But he said in an earnest toast speech : " Only one person in the child getting married , when my grandfather after his own , will fully appreciate the wonderful thing that only parents treat their children was the most unselfish ; parents care for their children only the deepest love licking the calf ah ! David and Lin Rong Yeah, you became a new father and new mother , you increased the burden , but we elders are your strong backing , as long as man kind, honest , willing to suffer, happiness will always be with you and us, " but young people do not understand, nor understood when one thing; ! or young people do not like to hear .

Lin Rong maternity leave too , going back to school to teach , it is proposed to raise the baby little foolishly allied Zhang . Zhang Fugen offered to pay her 2,000 yuan monthly alimony , otherwise See others. Lin Rong and the accounting of David , though disgruntled , but also reluctantly agreed. But secretly , said Zhang Fugen do bad things , that he stingy , stingy , is the " smiling tiger " ; sometimes secretly abusive Zhang Fugen couple was " coffin hand " , despite the daughter 's son , " the old woman , smelly old man " and so on . Zhang Fugen old couple face grandchildren , calm and collected . Zhang has been sensible privately but then said: "Your father was young, because my grandfather , grandmother busy with business , not well taught him the truth in life you have to know how to grow up , you brought up the elders , they do everything . can help you married , they only get the respect of your junior ; .. elders nagging or stingy , is sensible and I hope you can be happy so when nagging elders do not contradict the results contradict junior elders elders eat gas , junior disadvantage. elder one to eat gas, shut down the junior enthusiasm to help , do not ye suffer junior ah ! "Little Zhang in grandparents raising led by a very sensible , the old couple am very pleased. Thus , the time has passed twelve Spring .

Spring in twelve years, Dawei knew without hollister outlet uk parental relief , so the hard work in the company ; Lin Rong is still the primary school teacher . However, the small Zhang Zhang Fugen couple brought up under the leadership of the now passed the key middle school near downtown . In order to improve the standard of living , make Zhang better and concentrate on reading, David , Lin Rong decided to borrow money from relatives and friends , and with the way the bank loans , in the vicinity of Zhang 's school to buy houses . It can also be fully staffed !

Dawei said the couple did not purchase things for parents , because he ( she) said: Father, mother, grandchildren have to son, daughter- take "wages" , it is impossible to support buyers . Zhang Fugen buyers do not know the original couple , relatives asked Zhang Fugen couple : " ? Dawei couple of small buyers to borrow money , whether you support the old couple ," then he knows .

Buyers signed this day, Zhang Fugen couple hastily rushed to the scene . Lin Rong sales hall to see the public and po door and hurriedly took David to escape, but less than escape , hitting behind. At this time , Zhang Dawei Fugen couple to couple an envelope and said to them : . " ! You do not have a bank loan is a bank passbook envelope , a total of six hundred thousand yuan of money, buy hollister outlet uk you all take it," Lin Rong listen after perplexing , mouth muttering : " ! ! not it does it."

Is late, David took his wife and children to their parents in the room , with intricate mood, guilt expression of gratitude to the father , mother, parents review the past misunderstandings and mistakes. Zhang Fugen couple grin and said : "Parents are always tied with heart children only social good , good family , children and grandchildren will be better ah . ! "

Since then, the daughter brought guarding foolishly go, a man the whole family harmony , enjoyable, family happiness !